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All clients of I Wash Paws must sign this agreement before services are rendered beginning in 2023. 



Payment is due upon completion of service. Credit, Check, and Cash accepted, no change. Latch-Key customers must maintain a card on file and specify gratuity in their file. 4% fee for card-on-file transactions.

Clients must stay on a pre-booked schedule of 8 weeks max. Appointments have an arrival window, not a guaranteed time. If the appointment time needs to change, a notification will be sent.

Phone/email/application estimates are given. Prices may differ based on the pet's coat, behavior, and time to groom. Does not include taxes, tips, or card-on-file fees. Prices are subject to change; notice may be given for increases. 



Before our van comes, please relocate cars or set aside a spot for us. If possible, we'd rather park on the street, but we need a flat, spacious area. We won't move our vehicle after starting the groom. 



*We do not walk the dogs before/after their groom. Please be sure your pet has gone to the bathroom at least 20-30 minutes before the groom. We DO give latch-key clients a brief potty break before their groom. 



Latch-key clients must have a valid card on file, in case they forget to pay; a cancellation fee will be applied. All cards on file incur an extra 4% fee.

Pets must be available and all inside rooms shut. We'll try to capture your pet for 10 min if unsuccessful, a cancellation fee will be charged and the appointment rescheduled.



Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance for no charge. Less than 48 hours will incur a $50 fee. Same-day cancellations will be charged 50% of the grooming price. Two "no call/no show" appointments will result in full payment and not be rebooked.

Appointments are organized by region. Cancellation requires a new appointment in the same area; may need to wait. Extra fees may apply if the dog is not groomed between.



Agreeing to our policies means you must keep your pet's vaccinations current and show proof when asked. Report bites for safety. We clean carefully but cannot be responsible for illnesses, such as kennel cough, canine influenza, or Parvo. Dogs with contagious diseases will not be accepted, and we will alert any who may be in danger.



Pets must have current flea and tick prevention. If fleas are spotted during grooming, service will end, and the full fee is due. No rebooking after 3 occurrences. If a tick is found, the location is noted, and the owner must take the pet to the vet for removal. 



Agreeing to our policies means confirming your pet does not have any hostile acts like biting, snapping, growling, or scratching. Owners take responsibility for any harm caused by their pet to the salon, stylist, or equipment.

Injuries from a dog bite must be reported to Animal Control. Owners are liable for medical costs if their pet injures a groomer. Aggressive pets will be returned to the owner with full payment due.



Pet owners must disclose any known health conditions before grooming. We don't groom pets with heart conditions. I Wash Paws isn't liable for clipper irrigation, minor cuts/scratches, or skin irritation. We are not responsible for damages, losses, or claims from preexisting conditions. MATTED PETS



Dogs with mats (tangles or knots in the hair) that need to be shaved or demoted will present a risk of injury. We are not responsible for injury or irritation due to matting. We will not detangle severely matted dogs, they will be shaved short, and the owner will be counseled on future coat care. 



Pictures/recordings may be taken of your animal pre/during/post grooming for I Wash Paw's social media & advertising.



I agree to contact I Wash Paws if any issues arise with my pet's groom or condition within 24 hours of the service. I authorize I Wash Paws to act on my behalf in emergencies. I accept responsibility for any costs incurred for veterinary, boarding, or transportation services. I acknowledge my obligations in the agreement for I Wash Paws' mobile salon services.

iWashPaws Service Agreement

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